Panaracer Tire Race A Evo3 Tubeless 700c

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Color: Black

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All around, all weather road tire

PROBEAD Tubeless Technology

It’s their own proprietary bead material that replaces the normal carbon bead material on tubeless tires. Carbon beads can be prone to damage and difficult to install. Their new ProBead resists stretching and damage and insures an excellent seal. Can be used with or without sealant


This is a completely new puncture protection material. Not only is the material more resistant to punctures AND lighter, it’s incorporated directly into the tread layer. ProTite is also 25% more puncture resistant that our previous PT Shield and Belt. The Race A features the ProTite Shield’s bead to bead protection.

ZSG DUAL Compound

Sticky for the turns and harder in the center. You’ll find it on the tires used in the grand tours, classics and Pro-Tour events. ZSG Dual Compound delivers the best of both worlds in tire performance.

All Contact Profile: Maximum road contact even during cornering

AX-Alpha Casing: Supple, lightweight, but pinch flat resistant casing

Kevlar Bead

700x23c (250g), 700x25c(290g)

ISO 622