Yokozuna Reaction Compressionless Brake Cable Kit Campy (Black)


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    – Featuring RapidWire Compressionless Technology & Jet Lube Housing

    – This kit ONLY includes brake housing and cables  (no shift cables)

    – The special housing delivers excellent compressionless performance for enhanced cable response

    – Boost braking from rim brakes and mechanical discs

    – Jet-Lubed for smooth cable action

    – Extra-fine wound stainless steel cables (Double ended – Campy and MTB )

    – A single 3500mm length of housing should be long enough for even disc brake CX bikes

    – Campy kit only comes in Black

    RapidWire Brake Housing:
    - 5mm x 3500mm - 1
    Stainless Brake Wire (Double ended: Road Campy and MTB heads)
    - 1.6mm x 1350mm - 1
    - 1.6mm x 2750mm - 1

    (Note: Housing is very stiff and strong; for best results cut with a sharp cable cutter or a Dremel tool. We do not warranty housing ruined with dull cutters. )

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