Newbaum's Cotton Cloth Bar Tape 10ft Roll (Single)
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This tape is made in the USA of highly durable milled cotton cloth.

- Thinner than modern bar tape to give a more direct feel and predictable grip to your bars

- Gives handlebars a stylish vintage look

- Also a durable, comfortable option for wrapping acrobatic apparatus.

- Adhesive back for easy wrapping

- More tear resistant than synthetic bar tape or athletic tape

- Sold in individual 10 ft x 3/4" rolls (Order TWO ROLLS to finish most drop bars. Need about 6 rolls for a 36" lyra hoop - depending on how much overlapping you prefer. 8 rolls for a 39" hoop)

Newbaum's uses eco-friendly dyes for a lower impact on the environment. Now in 23 colors ("Bright Red" and "Bright Med Blue" have replaced the original "Red" and "Blue")

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