Busch + Muller LUMOTEC Eyc T senso plus Headlight

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Busch+Muller IQ2 Eyc T senso plus Dynamo Headlight

The “T” model features LICHT24 daytime running lights.

When a headlight with LICHT24 is switched on, it shines always – during day and night.

LICHT24 has a day mode and a night mode. As soon as the integrated sensor is activated, it switches automatically between both modes. 

– Very compact size– 50 lux 

– Daylight sensor (turn it on when you don’t want to use the light in daylight– On/off switch

– Standlight (powered by capacitor, no batteries required), deactivates automatically after 4 minutes (parking function) or manually.

– IQ2 design. LED points at the reflector to allow the reflector focus the a lot of the light. Light isn’t just escaping out unfocused like some low-tech lights.