Yokozuna Reaction Universal Kit Smoke Campy

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 – The first truly compressionless brake housing; boosts braking power from road brakes to mechanical discs

– Both shifter and brake housing are jet-Lubed END2END for smoother cable action. Housing color is a translucent Smoke color

– Tightly wound, low stretch stainless steel cables

– Shift cables have heads for Campagnolo and Shimano/SRAM

– Brake cables have heads for Campy  and MTB (For Shimano brakes you would need to supply your own cables or just buy the other Universal Reaction kit)

Lengths have been increased to work with disc brake bikes and larger bikes.


RapidWire Brake Housing:
- 5mm x 3500mm - 1

Stainless Steel Brake Wire
- 1.6mm x 1350mm - 1
- 1.6mm x 2750mm - 1

Shifter Housing
- 4mm x 3000 - 1

Stainless Shift Wire
- 1.2mm x 2100mm - 2

- Step Down Alloy End Caps (brake) - 4

- 4mm Plastic End Caps (shifter) - 6

- Cable End Tips - 4

(Note: Housing is very stiff and strong; for best results cut with a sharp cable cutter or a Dremel tool. We do not warranty housing ruined with dull cutters. )