Hobson-Zingo Pedal Wrench

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There’s always a workaround for a pedal wrench, and if you rarely install or remove pedals and are on a strict budget, skip a pedal wrench. Otherwise, don’t skip. The long lever and a slightly offset head makes it easy to remove pedals installed with too much force, and keeps your knuckles away from the chainrings, so if you goof, you still won’t get cut up.

All normal adult pedals take a 15mm wrench. A small handful take 8mm hex wrenches (allens); and some fit both. If you work on your own and your friends’ bikes, this is a good tool to have. 


Intentionally made without plastic or vinyl handles for the environment's sake. We recommend you wrap them with Newbaum's Cotton Tape and finish the ends off with twine. The tool factory Rivendell contracted with took about a month to wrap their head around the idea.