Kasai FS Hub QR Centerlock Disc

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Standard Kasai Dynacoil hubs, like SON and SP can not be serviced by a dealer or consumer. They are sealed at the factory.  Dynamo hubs fail under certain conditions, usually by water contamination.  If this happens in the field, you cannot fix it.  If it happens in the shop or home you still need to cut the hub out of the wheel and ship it, on your dime, to the factory
and wait for them to fix it.  

The FS Dynacoil, has a removable coil assembly that can be taken out with a few common bike tools. The coil, which includes the plug can be replaced, without ripping out the spokes.  Most importantly it can be done in a bike shop or at home.

Lightweight and efficient power generation. Achieves 72% efficiency at 10mph.

– 6v/3w

– Standard QR axle

– Centerlock disc mount

– Compatible with 26″ to  700c wheels

– Meets German StVZO standards