Soma Headbadge Rising Sun

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Brass headbadge for Soma  frames  

• The 1-1/8" fits headtubes 36mm in diameter. This is for almost all Soma frames that use 1-1/8" external cup headsets. Pre-2021 Smoothies, Double Cross, 2019-20 Sagas

• The "1-1/8 (Soma Saga)" fits pre-2018 Soma Sagas, which had a heavily reinforced headtube..

• The 1" version fits frame like our Grand Randonneur and Rush frame, which use 1" headsets

Adhesive back.

Note: Headbadges at the factory are applied with a machine. Applying by hand may not yield the same results.

We carry very few of these, so please only order as needed.